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Tiny Metal Looks Like the Advance Wars Sequel You’ve Always Wanted


Tiny Metal Looks Like the Advance Wars Sequel You’ve Always Wanted

Is that metal in your pocket, or are you happy to see me?

Tiny Metal is an intriguing take on the strategy RPG that looks a whole lot like Intelligent Systems’ excellent Advance Wars series. Developed by Area 34, the game is making its debut at PAX West, where it will be playable for SRPG-hungry gamers to descend upon it like the Advance Wars games-starved unfortunates they are.

The game follows protagonist Lt. Nathan Tries as he works to lead his military fighters into a nation called Zipang while trying to retake the land for his country. Yes, there’s an isometric gameplay grid. Yes, it’s turn-based. Oh, and of course there are tiny tanks, trucks, convoys, and more. What more could you want from a game that looks so similar to Advance Wars?

The game is coming out for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch and PC, and if you make it out to PAX West this coming weekend, you can check it out at the Indie Megabooth, or Booth #848, at the convention on all three platforms. For the rest of us stuck at home who aren’t having a blast out in Seattle, you can check out the trailer, which looks absolutely awesome, below.


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