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7 Things to Cross off Your Bucket List Before Destiny 2


7 Things to Cross off Your Bucket List Before Destiny 2

Time for your swan song.

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Get to the Lighthouse (Or Have Someone Carry You)

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For many Guardians (myself included), Destiny 2’s arrival will mean lights out for the original Destiny. So, before we close the doors on our first legend forever and meet Ghaul’s challenge head on, we need to get a few things out of the way. Here are some tasks you need to cross off of your Destiny bucket list before the Red Legion comes and sends it all to heck. 

The Lighthouse is a destination in Destiny that only the best Crucible players have seen in person. Those who, like me, aren’t very good at wrecking your fellow Guardians only dream of basking in the Lighthouse’s warm glow as you open the chest for some unique rewards that show off just how good you really are. With the clock winding down towards the launch of Destiny 2, you may soon lose your chance to accomplish this feat.

Now we don’t expect you to become a PvP master overnight. However, there are some nice players on LFG and within fan groups on Facebook and other forums that carry people to the Lighthouse for fun. You should definitely grab some friends or give one of these Crucible sherpas a tap on the shoulder. You can take a cool screenshot like the one above and add another triumph to your Guardian’s legend. 

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