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Team-Killing Removal Update Is Live for All Versions of Friday the 13th: The Game


Team-Killing Removal Update Is Live for All Versions of Friday the 13th: The Game

No more team-killing for you, boo-boo.

There’s a brand new patch that just came out for all versions of Friday the 13th: The Game. PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC players received the update today that, along with squashing some rather pesky bugs, eliminates the ability to kill off your teammates. This was an update that was already in the works, so it’s not a surprise or anything like that, but it is an important alteration for the game’s multiplayer mode.

Publisher Gun Media had previously explained the decision was made because, as it turns out, people just can’t stop killing each other on the same team. Anyone who’s playing as a camp counselor in the multiplayer mode past today’s update won’t be able to kill off their teammates, whether in private or public matches. This should put a stop to pesky TKers who were getting their jollies making the game frustrating for everyone else.

In addition, the game’s maps were reduced in size to encourage more fast-paced gameplay in general. Both changes should make for some interesting tweaks to Friday the 13th: The Game in general, and it’ll be open now to more players ever before with additional localization options having been added as well.

If you still haven’t jumped on the Team Voorhees bandwagon, Friday the 13th: The Game will be getting a physical release on Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as of October 13. Better go ahead and start marathoning your favorite Jason movies in preparation now.


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