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Tacoma: How Long it Is and How Many Areas There Are


Tacoma: How Long it Is and How Many Areas There Are

How Long Tacoma Is and How Many Areas There Are

Fullbright’s Tacoma has finally released, blasting players off 200,000 miles into space to an abandoned space station. With this being a “walking simulator” and coming from the developer behind Gone Home, some players may be wondering exactly how long Tacoma is going to take to complete.

In our playthrough, we clocked around three hours. During this playthrough, we were checking out the environment and every single room that we could come across. We also tried to gain access to locked cupboards and lockers, as well as reading all of the emails and other information found on the crew members’ AR workstations. If you wanted to get every achievement in the game, you could be looking at a little longer, though speedrunners will likely be trying to blast through Tacoma as fast as they did Gone Home.

To complete your mission, you’ll have to visit each different section of the space station in order to access data terminals. There are three different areas you’ll have to explore, each one roughly the same in size and with one or two-minute AR clips for you to watch and uncover the game’s story.

For more on Tacoma, be sure to check back with Twinfinite.

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