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Tacoma: All AR Cat Locations (Catsitter Achievement)


Tacoma: All AR Cat Locations (Catsitter Achievement)

How to Find All AR Cat Locations in Tacoma

As you explore the Tacoma Space Station, you may have noticed a cuddly pink AR Cat appearing in some of the Crew Recordings. Fullbright’s Steve Gaynor is actually a big cat fan, so of course there’s an achievement to do with finding every AR Cat in the game. There are seven different locations you’ll need to find the AR Cat in if you want to unlock the Catsitter achievement, and fortunately for you, we’ve got a complete list of them below.

Oh, and don’t forget to zoom in on the cat until its name appears. If you fail to do this on just one, Tacoma won’t track it for the Catsitter achievement.

All AR Cat Locations in Tacoma

  • Administration, Personnel Module – On the chair in the corner of Administration.
  • Laundry Room, Operations, Personnel – On top of a pipe in the Laundry room.
  • Food Storage, Botany, Biomedical Module – You’ll find a number of containers with animal symbols on them. In the top right corner above these, the cat is sleeping.
  • Imaging Room, Medical, Biomedical Module – Make your way to the Imaging room to find the cat hiding under the table.
  • Power Cell Room, Mechanic Engineering – Look for all of the power cells on the left wall. Further up this wall, you’ll see the cat sleeping on top of a power cell.
  • Network Technology, Mechanical Engineering – Make your way to the door that opens towards the very end of the game. Stand and face directly opposite this and look up to the highest windowsill. You should be able to just about make out the cat sleeping up here.
  • Main Hub – The last AR cat can be found in the final AR recording of Tacoma. As the crew assembles outside the door to Docking Access, look in EV’s arms. The cat is fast asleep here.

For help on Tacoma’s other achievements, be sure to check out our achievement guide.

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