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Sonic Mania: How to Beat the Press Garden Zone Act 1 Boss


Sonic Mania: How to Beat the Press Garden Zone Act 1 Boss

Most of the boss encounters in Sonic Mania are pretty straight forward. However, there are a handful that can be a bit tricky if you don’t know what you’re doing initially. One of those battles is the boss of Act 1 of Press Garden Zone.

You’ll notice right away, that if you just try to attack it straight up, the robot will always block you and hit you with its saws. In order to fight it correctly, what you need to do is lead it toward one of the green boxes that are littered around the boss area.

Bring it there and stand on top, or near it. You need to stand still long enough for it to charge its attack. If you move too soon, it will reset its guard. When he attacks, dodge it, and lead its attack into the green box, destroying it. That will temporarily remove the saw/arm that attacked the box, giving you an opening to safely attack it. Try and get as many hits as you can. Its arm will return, but just rinse and repeat, and you’ll be able to easily take down the boss now that you know what to do.

As always if you take damage, you can get a couple of free hits on the boss while you’re briefly invincible. Just make sure to gather up your rings before its too late. Also, if you’re playing as Sonic and Tails, Tails can also get a few shots off on the boss if you time your jump correctly with him.

Once its defeated, you’ll move onto the lovely and snowy Press Garden Zone Act 2. Good luck!

That does it for how to How to Beat the Press Garden Zone Act 1 Boss in Sonic Mania. For more Sonic Mania coverage and guides, be sure to search Twinfinite.


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