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Sonic Mania: How to Drop Dash as Sonic the Hedgehog


Sonic Mania: How to Drop Dash as Sonic the Hedgehog

How to Drop Dash as Sonic – Sonic Mania

Sonic Mania is the first true follow up and spiritual successor to the classic Sonic games from the SEGA Genesis era. The gameplay, and many of the game’s stages should feel very familiar to fans. However, Sonic didn’t get lazy in between games. He did pick up a few new tricks, most notable, is the new Drop Dash ability. This is a new move that is exclusive to Sonic. His friends have their own moves that they can use.

It’s similar to the classic Spin Dash, but instead of charging it up, you just burst into a dash from mid-air once you land. Don’t fret purists. The Spin Dash is still better if you’re trying to quickly make it past inclined or hard to traverse surfaces from a standstill. The Drop Dash won’t get you far in that scenario. The Drop Dash is better when you actually have momentum, like you’ve been launched in the air, and instead of landing straight down, you can just burst into a dash and keep going instead.

To preform the Drop Dash in Sonic Mania, all you need to do is hold your action button while mid-air. Make sure to hold it all the way throughout until you land and don’t let go. Your action button is whatever you press to do things like use a shield’s power, glide (Knuckles), fly (Tails), etc. It’s dependent on what console your on. For the Switch for example it is the Y button, on PS4 it would be Square and on Xbox One it would be X. Sonic Mania courses, are designed to make use of this new ability. So take advantage of it to get the fastest times that you possibly can and keep that score high!

That does it for how to Drop Dash in Sonic Mania. For more Sonic Mania coverage and guides, be sure to search Twinfinite.

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