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The Sims 4: How to Do the Survival Island Challenge


The Sims 4: How to Do the Survival Island Challenge

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How to Do the Survival Island Challenge in The Sims 4

The Survival Island Challenge is a fun way to really switch up how you play The Sims 4. This challenge follows the story of six Sims who have been stranded on a deserted island after a terrible shipwreck. They are all okay for now but they don’t have many resources and they have no way to get back to civilization. When it comes to food, these Sims will have to rely on fishing and gardening. In order to make the island feel a little more comfortable, these Sims get crafty with some of the driftwood and create some rather primitive furniture. They might find a way back home one day but for now they just need to survive.

To get started, you’ll need to create six Sims that are Young Adults. Three must be women and three must be men. All of their aspirations and traits must be randomized but you have full control over their names and appearances. Once you have your collection of six Sims ready to go, you’ll need to move them into an empty lot. This won’t, however, be where the Survival Island Challenge takes place. Now you’ll need to go bulldoze the largest lot in Oasis Springs and evict any occupants that may already live there. This is the lot you will use to create your island. Be sure to use the pool tool to create water around the island. You can make the island look however you want but you’ll want to leave a good amount of actual livable space. Once your island looks the way you want it to, move your Sims in and feel free to use any cheats necessary to do so.

Once your Survival Island Challenge Sims are all moved in, you’ll need to place a few extra items on the island.

  • One campfire
  • A fishing pond
  • Three double airbeds
  • One woodcrafting table
  • One outdoor trashcan

This inventory list assumes that three of the Sims were carrying the airbeds. You can decide on three other Sims that will have some other portable item in their inventory. Keep in mind that these items should reflect the type of Sim that has the item. So try to consider the Sim’s traits and aspirations when deciding what item they were holding on to when the ship crashed. The last thing you’ll need to do before the Survival Island Challenge can officially begin is to zero out your resources with the “testingcheats true” and “money 0” cheats.

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