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See the New Faces Joining the Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster


See the New Faces Joining the Dragon Ball FighterZ Roster


Dragon Ball FighterZ continues to capture my attention as one of the best-looking Dragon Ball Z fighting games out there, and I can’t wait to see how it looks up close and personal. Now there’s even more of a reason to be excited about the game as a Dragon Ball Z fan, and it’s the fact that the latest issue of the Japanese magazine Jump has just introduced a few new characters.

According to Jump, both Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta and Super Saiyan Blue Goku will be making an appearance in the game, as well as two characters you might not have expected to see: Android 16 and Android 18. Weirdly enough, there’s no Android 17 to go along with the trio from the show, but hey — it’s the Androids, and we’re not here to complain so much. Android 16 will supposedly play a pretty large role in the game’s story mode, however, with “high-end animation” created specifically for the game, finding Android 16 revived and back in action once more.

Additionally, you’ll get to play with up to six players for three-on-three matches when you’re ready to start playing online and show off your skills. You’ll get to play on PlayStation 4, Xbox One or PC in 2018 when the final retail version hits, but there’s a closed beta dropping this September that you can sign up for right now. Interested? Make sure you check out registrations on August 22.


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