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Rocket League Now Has a Language Ban System

Rocket League


Rocket League Now Has a Language Ban System

Watch your language!

Rocket League now has a ‘Language Ban’ system that automatically bands players from online matches when certain words are used and reported by other players.

Developer Psyonix shared a few details regarding the system, including what it means for players going forward via a post over on the official Rocket League site. The ‘Language Ban’ system is currently based off an initial list of over 20 words and variants which will not be shared with players. According to the post, “Each word has its own threshold, and once a threshold for any word has been reached, that player will be automatically subject to a ban.” These bans will¬†start at 24 hours but can be raised to 72 hours, a week, or a permanent ban for serial offenders.

Pysonix stated that this new automated system was being put in place to help “ensure that Rocket League is a consistently-safe, harassment-free place where players of all ages and backgrounds can come together and execute the sweetest of aerial goals and backflip saves.”

The post also clarified that Season 4 Rewards were denied for a number of players who were “found abusing the matchmaking system to increase their rank.” Psyonix will continue to monitor and take action against those abusing the matchmaking system throughout Competitive Season 5.

Since it launched back in July 2015, Rocket League has now reached a huge 34 million players worldwide. The game is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One, with a Switch version on the way later this year.

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