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PUBG: How to Get a Trenchcoat


PUBG: How to Get a Trenchcoat


In PUBG, trenchcoats are more than just a piece of fake fabric, they are status symbols. Something that says “I am here to be the last one alive, and I’ll kill you to do it” without going overboard. As such, you’re probably quite interested in finding out exactly how you can get your hands on a trenchcoat in PUBG, so here’s what you need to know.

There are currently only two ways of acquiring a trenchcoat, looting it in a game or unboxing it in a crate. If you loot them during matches, trenchcoats will not carry over into following games. So if you find one scattered across the world, you can wear it for the remainder of a match but you won’t have access to it in consecutive games. With unboxing, trenchcoats are currently in the “Survivor” reward crate, which is free to open but will require you to spend in-game currency to acquire it in the first place. Or you can instead buy them from the Steam Marketplace here. Be warned, there is no guarantee that you will receive a trenchcoat from a crate as the item that you will get after opening one will be randomly selected from what the box offers.

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