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PUBG: How to Get a Ghillie Suit


PUBG: How to Get a Ghillie Suit


Ghillie suits are known for their ability to hide a user’s location with ease; this can be said about the suit that is featured in PUBG, as well. This rarely-seen wearable item is the best when you are trying to be stealthy in a match. At this time, there are only two avenues of acquiring one of these suits: looting it from an airdrop or killing a player who has one equipped. Looting a ghillie suit is the more straightforward manner in how to do this. Throughout a match, an aircraft will fly overhead and drop down crates with extremely rare loot in it. As the crate is parachuted in, players are given time to go for the drop if they choose to, as they are usually points of contention with the advantage that some of the guns can give. However, even if you are the first one to an airdrop there is no guarantee that you will find a ghillie suit, as all loot found in these are randomly selected between other presets set up by the developers.

The other option to get a ghillie suit in PUBG is to loot it off of an enemy player who had it equipped themselves. Late game is the time that you have a higher potential of running into players with the suit equipped themselves, so you need to be cautious of your surroundings. There are an insane amount of YouTube videos showing players literally running right next to a prone player who has a ghillie suit equipped, don’t be one of those guys. Pay attention to the bushes scattered across the map as well, as players who have the suit equipped can crouch in them and be easily missed by passersby.

This post was originally authored by Ian Gibson.


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