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PUBG: Where to Find the Tommy Gun


PUBG: Where to Find the Tommy Gun

Where to Find the Tommy Gun in PUBG

The Tommy Gun, or Thompson Sub Machine Gun, is a fully automatic weapon in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG). It boasts excellent stopping power thanks to its 45 ACP rounds, and the gun’s massive 100 round magazine capacity makes it superb for close encounters.

The Tommy Gun cannot be found anywhere else but in supply crates from air drops in PUBG. Your only other chance of equipping this weapon will be to loot it from those who have, themselves, found it in a supply crate.

Air Drops in PUBG are random equipment drops from passing airplanes which contain ammunition, weapons, and equipment. Planes can be heard as they drop their supply crates, so keep an ear out for the telltale buzzing of the engines. Remember that other players will be watching keenly to see what has dropped and who is on their way to pick up the loot. Air drops are a risky proposition for those who don’t already have a decent loadout in PUBG, so reconsider sprinting towards one if you’re not adequately equipped.

Contrary to the weapon’s inventory description: “infinite ammo with a trench coat,” the Tommy Gun does not have endless ammunition. This is, in fact, a nod to the hat of Mafioso movies like The Godfather, in which the Tommy Gun became famous as a gangster’s weapon of choice.

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