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PUBG: How to Change to Burst and Single Shot


PUBG: How to Change to Burst and Single Shot

With PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS (PUBG) taking the video game world by storm, be sure to check out this guide to know how to set yourself up to win!


In PUBG, there are many different kinds of guns that you can find scattered throughout the map. Some of these weapons allow you to change the fire rate, or the frequency in which the gun shoots. There are three different firing modes in the game: single, automatic, and burst.

Tired of using that AK like a sniper? To change the firing mode, you must simply press the B key on your keyboard. If the gun you are holding allows you to switch the firing mode, a message will come across the screen to tell you what you have changed it to. If you ever want to be reminded what mode a weapon is in, there is an indicator that you can see to the left of your ammunition counter. In terms of use, fully automatic is great for close quarters combat, while single can be used to pick off far off targets with ease. There are of course weapons that never allow this option, so don’t be surprised if hitting B doesn’t work for you.

That’s all there is to it! Be sure to check back with us for more help with PUBG whenever you need it.

This post was originally authored by Ian Gibson.


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