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Progress Continues on the Metal Gear Solid Movie Adaptation

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Progress Continues on the Metal Gear Solid Movie Adaptation

This is good, isn’t it?

Film adaptations of video game franchises have a history of failing to capture what made the game itself so great. Numerous video game films such as Prince of Persia, Hitman, Doom, and Assassin’s Creed have all had films released and all of them have received a mixed response at best.

For some time, Kong: Skull Island director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has expressed his desire to direct a Metal Gear Solid movie and it seems he’s closer than ever to doing just that. Whilst speaking to IBTimes, Vogt-Roberts revealed that, following the success of Kong, he has pitched his vision of a Metal Gear movie and Sony seems to be interested.

“I was able to go in and be very honest with Sony, and say, ‘We’ve all been partners on this for a while, but here’s what Metal Gear needs to be, and here’s the version I want to make. And if you don’t want to make this version, then I’m not your guy. I spent three years of my life trying to shepherd this project, and there’s no project more important on the planet to me than this,” he said.

It seems Vogt-Roberts is a big Metal Gear fan and is eager to do the game series justice.

“Fundamentally, Metal Gear is about the cycle of pain and it’s about this f****d up weird family soap opera, and it’s about ideologies, and it’s about characters and philosophies,” he said. “And it’s about playing with tone and it’s about so many different things. But a lot of those things are conceptual ideas.

“So I was able to go in and say, and have that moment to say, ‘Here’s what it needs to be, if you don’t want to do this version, just say so now and let’s split paths.’ But with Kong being what it was in a post-Logan, Deadpool world, they all kind of said, ‘Okay.’ Let’s make the version that I have pitched.”

So it seems a Metal Gear Solid movie is closer than ever to being made and no doubt many fans would be very interested to see a film adaptation. Given the popularity of the Metal Gear Solid games, the film will have to be very good to win over fans, but Vogt-Roberts sees confident in his vision.

“It’s special,” he says. “Whether we can execute on that script, whether we can get it made, who knows. But right now, I truly believe that the target is in the right direction, and so we’ll see what happens from there.”


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