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Overwatch Players on PC Will Now Be Notified If the Users They’ve Reported Have Been Punished

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Overwatch Players on PC Will Now Be Notified If the Users They’ve Reported Have Been Punished

Help make Overwatch a better game.

According to one Overwatch fan’s post on Reddit, the game’s developer, Blizzard, will now notify players if punishment has taken place against users they report. Though not going into detail as to what kind of punishment is being implemented, the email thanks the player for helping contribute to the title’s community and making it a “better place.”

This message has indeed been confirmed as legitimate by the game’s lead software engineer Bill Warnecke, though the man doesn’t divulge whether or not its being sent to all PC players who file reports or a smaller sample size. Additionally, it’s unknown when the email was sent out and opened.

The full dispatch reads as follows:


Thank you for helping us keep Overwatch fair and fun by reporting players who you suspect are cheating or exploiting the game to gain an unfair advantage. Your reports help us identify players who violate our fair-play policies and disrupt the game for others, making it less enjoyable to play.

We know that our players often wonder about what happens to the people they report. In this case, your recent report led to an action against that player and their account.

We can’t provide specific details about the penalty type and duration, but we hope that seeing your reports have an impact will encourage you to send similar reports in the future. Keep up the good work, and thank you for helping us make our games a better place.

Blizzard Support

This reporting system is currently in place for the PC version of the game only, though Blizzard has claimed that they are working on finding ways to establish the system on consoles as well. Stricter penalties were announced by the developer back in July.

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