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Overwatch’s Mercy is Getting Some “Very Interesting and Sweet Changes” Soon

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Overwatch’s Mercy is Getting Some “Very Interesting and Sweet Changes” Soon

Patching her up.

Speaking on a Twitch livestream with professional Overwatch player and streamer Brandon “Seagull” Larned recently, principal designer of the game Scott Mercer revealed that some “very interesting and sweet changes” will be coming to healer Mercy soon.

No other details were provided, though it’s possible that fans will know more about what exactly Mercer means later this week from Blizzard at Gamescom. It is also possible, however, that the developer may wait until its already announced Season 6 of competitive play has begun before implementing more changes.

Current Mercy mains both professional and casual have gripes with how one-dimensional the character controls during gameplay. A bit boring to play and requiring a lot less skill to use than other fighters on the roster, Mercy relies too much on her ultimate ability to get anything done. Although this is a good thing as teammates are revived, it’s a bit monotonous in practice.

This has been a much-requested feature in the community as of late, so it’s good to see the developer respond so quickly to player feedback. Knowing how quickly Blizzard turns around patches of this nature, fans can expect this Mercy update to come sooner rather than later.

In other Overwatch news, the aforementioned Season 6 of competitive play for the game was outlined by Jeff Kaplan in a developer update video yesterday, explaining that seasons will now be two months long instead of three and that control maps will award victors based on the best out of three sessions as opposed to five now. Match placement will also turn up more accurate findings according to each player’s skill level.

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