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Top 5 Overwatch Heroes That Deserve Their Own Animated Short Next


Top 5 Overwatch Heroes That Deserve Their Own Animated Short Next

As we continue waiting for an Overwatch movie…

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Mercy has been getting spoiled by the Overwatch team lately with a gorgeous skin from the Summer Games event and a complete rework to her kit that’s live on the PTR. Now our fingers are crossed that Mercy will also be getting an animated short of her very own soon. Mercy is a hero that is shrouded in mystery and many players in the Overwatch community feel there is much more to her than meets the eye. Reddit forums are filled with theories that bring some of her voice lines into question, ponder the extent of her involvement and intentions behind Reaper and Genji’s new forms, and pose a variety of questions that make you wonder if Mercy really has something to hide.

But even if you aren’t buying into all the fan-made conspiracies, it’s hard not to want to know more about Dr. Angela Ziegler. While Dr. Ziegler used to be an agent of Overwatch, she wasn’t necessarily thrilled about their approach to keeping peace. After losing her parents to war, Dr. Ziegler hoped for a less violent approach but agreed to join Overwatch for the sake of having the opportunity to save lives. This bit of moral ambiguity caused friction between Mercy and her superiors. An animated short for Mercy could allow fans to see exactly how this may have played out and give fans a deeper understanding of Overwatch’s resident guardian angel.

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