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NieR: Automata and Yoko Taro “Saved” PlatinumGames According to Co-Founder Hideki Kamiya

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NieR: Automata and Yoko Taro “Saved” PlatinumGames According to Co-Founder Hideki Kamiya

The game’s success brought a lot of good things to the studio.

PlatinumGames’ co-founder Hideki Kamiya took to Twitter yesterday to praise NieR: Automata’s director Yoko Taro for the game’s success, mentioning that the title – which was developed by the aforementioned studio – “saved” the company.

Kamiya comments that the hack-n-slash sequel brought to the studio “a different fan base, staff growth, excellent job applicants and immense benefits.” He concludes his Tweet by saying “it’s not an exaggeration to say that PlatinumGames was saved by Yoko Taro” and that he “cannot thank him enough.”

Since then Taro himself responded to Kamiya’s graciousness, thanking PlatinumGames in turn for helping him “both physically and mentally” to complete NieR: Automata and feeling honored at having the privilege to do so.

The game was deemed successful by publisher Square Enix as well, as it performed higher than expectations and shipped over 1.5 million copies worldwide by the end of May. It’s cited as the ninth best-selling PlayStation 4 game of all time with 1.1 million copies sold, according to the publisher’s latest financial report, which is not a small accomplishment considering how niche the original NieR was.

Speaking of the prequel, a remaster could be coming somewhere down the line if recent comments from Taro are any indication, though nothing as of now is set in stone. PlatinumGames, on the other hand, announced during BitSummit this year that they are working on a game that will serve as a brand-new initiative for the team and that the project is something of a “formless, shapeless IP.”

NieR: Automata is out now for both PlayStation 4 and PC via Steam.

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