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Necrobarista Will Come to Nintendo Switch Says Route 59



Necrobarista Will Come to Nintendo Switch Says Route 59

Will this visual novel be dead and lovin’ it?

Necrobarista, a visual novel about a coffee shop that serves the living and the dead will be coming to Nintendo Switch in addition to PC. Route 59 announced that it’s unknown whether or not the two versions will launch simultaneously. The game may also be coming to PlayStation 4, but a launch on that console has not been confirmed yet.

Exactly what we’ll be doing in Necrobarista is anyone’s guess. The developer describes it as a visual novel combining supernatural suspense with cinematic presentation. The visuals are supposed to be influenced by anime aesthetics, but for now, I just notice that sunset-style glow that every single indie game has these days.

The interface in Necrobarista has an interesting look to it and might end up evolving the static menus we’ve gotten so used to in visual novels. I’m a huge fan of the genre, but it could use some new design language, and this title seems like it could switch things up a bit.

Route 59 plans to release the game in English and Simplified and Traditional Chinese. Several members of the development team have Taiwanese backgrounds, which influenced the decision to pick those languages for the launch of the game.

Necrobarista doesn’t have a firm release date yet, but you should get to play at least the PC version sometime year next year. The Nintendo Switch version may or may not release alongside it.


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