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4 More Genres Nintendo Can Make Its Own


4 More Genres Nintendo Can Make Its Own

New ground for Nintendo to conquer.

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Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle has finally arrived and blends the charming visuals and world of Mario and the Mushroom Kingdom with turn-based strategy gameplay not dissimilar to that of XCOM. As such, we decided to take a look at more genres that Nintendo could quite easily make their own.

If there’s one genre that Nintendo has a perfect IP for, it’s an MMO. The obvious choice for the setting is, of course, the popular Pokemon series. Imagine traveling from region to region, capturing Pokemon, conquering gyms, tackling your fellow trainers, and embarking on epic adventures into complex cave systems with friends just to snag a legendary Pokemon.

An official Pokemon MMO would certainly go down a treat. After all, there are plenty of fan-made (and illegal) Pokemon MMO games out there already, so the demand is certainly there. Imagine jumping into a connected world of Pokemon regions on your Switch either at home or on the go. Perhaps this is what the team over at Game Freak is currently working on. Or maybe we’re dreaming… probably the latter.

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