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Microsoft Might Announce Xbox One X Pre-order Details Today

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Microsoft Might Announce Xbox One X Pre-order Details Today

And more Xbox One X info is coming at Gamescom.

The wait may finally be over for Xbox fans who’ve long been wondering when Microsoft would finally open Xbox One X pre-orders. Xbox executive Phil Spencer took to Twitter yesterday to reveal that Microsoft is about to drop pre-order info.

“We’ll share more info on this tomorrow,” replied Spencer to a fan question about whether or not Microsoft would announce Xbox One X pre-orders at Germany’s Gamescom. And while gamers apparently won’t even have to wait for Gamescom to kick off this weekend to get Xbox One X pre-order info, Microsoft is apparently holding onto some other Xbox One X news for a reveal at the convention.

The lack of Xbox One X pre-orders to date has been cause for concern among some fans, prompting rumors in July that the console was getting delayed. Spencer shot those rumors down and then reiterated later in July that pre-orders would open soon.

Asked by one fan yesterday if there would be info on “major” Xbox games getting Xbox One X support patched into them, Spencer confirmed that gamers “will hear about more games supporting X at Gamescom.” Continuing, Spencer added that the number of games that have already begun adding Xbox One X support has “exceeded what I thought we’d see. Partners are really supporting.”

Spencer added that the Xbox team wasn’t quite ready to reveal exact Gamescom details just yet. But he did note that Microsoft is approaching the show differently than it has in recent years. “We are doing something we haven’t done in awhile at Gamescom,” he tweeted, “it will be different from what fans expect but I’m excited.”

Microsoft’s Gamescom briefing begins this Sunday, August 20 at 3 p.m. EST. The Xbox One X, which Microsoft fully revealed at this year’s E3 after teasing it at E3 2016, launches on November 7.


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