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Madden 18 Franchise: How to Relocate Your Team


Madden 18 Franchise: How to Relocate Your Team

How to Relocate Your Team in Madden 18 Franchise

As an owner in Madden 18’s franchise mode, managing your team’s financial coffer is an important part of whether you’ll be considered a success in addition to your team’s on the field performance. There’s a ton that you could do beyond just playing games. One interesting tool that you have at your disposal that is a bit hidden away in Madden 18, is franchise relocation. This is when an owner decides to relocate their franchise to another city. Last year we saw the announcement that the Oakland Raiders would eventually be moving to Las Vegas. Yeah, it’s that.

To relocate in Madden 18, what you’re going to want to do is make sure you play in Owner mode. This will give you full access to all of the features available in Franchise Mode. From there, go to the My Owner section and then go to Stadium. You’ll see a few options there, and what you’re going to want to hit is relocate.

Once you start the process, it takes a couple of weeks for it to play out and determine if you’re eligible to relocate. It is possible to fail. If you’re hell bent on relocating your team, forward into the future and let your stadium age and get a little more decrepit. The reason most teams relocate in major sports is because they can’t get the funds to build a new stadium, so that reality is reflected in Madden 18. Alternatively, you could pick a team that already has a bad stadium situation like the Raiders, as long as you don’t mind playing a team that might not be your favorite.

Be sure that once you start the process though that you patiently sim one week at a time, and keep checking the Things to Do section to begin the relocation if it’s available, otherwise you may miss your chance and have to start all over again.

Once you begin, you’ll pick from a number of different potential cities. There are a handful of major cities from around the world to choose from. From there, you’ll settle on a team name, and then eventually uniform schemes. Once that’s complete, next season you’ll start in your new home! Have fun!

That does it for how to relocate in Madden 18’s Franchise mode. If there’s something that still unclear, shoot us a comment and we can see if we can help you out.

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