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Live Action Destiny 2 Trailer by Kong: Skull Island Director Turns Out to Be Just as Amazing as it Sounds

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Live Action Destiny 2 Trailer by Kong: Skull Island Director Turns Out to Be Just as Amazing as it Sounds

Epic and hilarious

Just when you thought the hype train for Destiny 2 couldn’t fly any further off the rails, a new live action trailer for the upcoming sequel directed by Kong: Skull Island Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts has become one of the coolest game trailers 2017 has seen so far. The trailer packs so many explosions, stunning recreations of weapons and armor from the game, breath taking landscapes, epic action and music from the Bestie Boys into two minutes that even the most avid Destiny and/or Bungie hater can’t help but feel tempted to get a first class seat on the Destiny 2 bandwagon.

The trailer opens up with a sequence of random explosions. Not random as in random space stations are blowing up but random as in a birthday cake has inexplicably burst into pieces. Why? Because you have to understand that everything you once loved about earth is now gone and it doesn’t get more “gone” than seeing it blow up in your face. The tone has officially been set. You are talking about something rather serious (like the world being destroyed) but it’s the most hilarious thing you’ve witnessed in quite some time. Just accept these conflicting emotions because there is only more comedy-laced Destiny 2 content from here. The rest of the trailer highlights Destiny 2’s Cayde-6 as he does his best to rally three Guardians together and prepare them for battle. The objective? They need to defend earth against Red Legion. In the beginning, these three Guardians certainly don’t seem like a group you’d trust with the fate of the world. They seem a bit confused and don’t exactly exude confidence in their abilities but when you hear the pep talk they received from their leader, you can’t really blame them too much.

For all the action the trailer offers in a short amount of time, it offers just as much light-hearted comedy and visuals that may have once seemed impossible to bring to a live action trailer. So whether you plan on buying into the Destiny 2 hype or not, do yourself and favor and check out the trailer below.

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