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The Joker Is Getting an Origin Story but It Won’t Be Starring Jared Leto


The Joker Is Getting an Origin Story but It Won’t Be Starring Jared Leto

Ha ha ha…huh?

The DC Extended Universe is gearing up for another film to come out in the upcoming future, although long after the Justice League movie which will hit theaters in November of this year. The new project is going to be all about the Joker, though maybe not the Joker that we’ve all recently gotten to know in Suicide Squad.

The upcoming spin-off is going to create an origin story for many Batman fans’ favorite villain, but the project is in some of the earliest stages of development, according to Deadline. And the crew so far may surprise many as the project is being led by The Hangover’s Todd Phillips who will be co-writing the script with Scott Silver, who is known for 8 Mile, the drama based off of rapper Eminem’s life.

Martin Scorsese will be producing the film, and although it may sound a bit baffling that the cinema giant known for movies like Goodfellas and Casino is producing a super villain film, maybe it’s the wisest decision as the plot for the Joker’s origin is going to be an 80’s crime film set in a gritty Gotham City.

However, if you are a fan of Jared Leto’s take on the Joker, he will not star in this imagining of the criminal’s beginnings. Leto will be in the sequel to Suicide Squad, as well as the Harley Quinn film, but it is said that the actor to fill Joker’s shoes will be younger and that, although this film is part of the DCEU, is going to feel a lot more like a Scorsese film.

Currently, however, the script is still being written so we may be in for quite a wait before the Joker cast.

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