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Hellblade: How to Solve Letter Puzzles


Hellblade: How to Solve Letter Puzzles

Here’s some advice.


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice throws you into a world inspired by Norse and Celtic mythology and has you playing as Senua, who is stricken with a severe case of psychosis. With voices interrupting her thoughts, Senua must push past the insanity and save the soul of her loved one.

There are huge doors that Senua encounters on her journey that will have different symbols on them that look just like letters of the alphabet. Once you get to the doors, you’re tasked with then finding something in the area that then matches with the symbol. One easy way to solve the letter puzzles is to just walk around the surrounding area until the screen gets flooded with images of the symbol, that’s the game letting you know that you’re very close. You must then use your focus ability to zoom in on the area and a sequence will take place, letting you know that you have completed that task. Make sure to really look around your surroundings and see what objects make up the shape of the symbol on the door.

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