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Hellblade: How to Heal


Hellblade: How to Heal

How not to die.


Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice throws you into a crazed world that puts you into the mind of Senua, who is constantly fighting with the symptoms of psychosis. Multiple voices are talking in her head non-stop and she’s hallucinating and can’t seem to know what’s real or fake… but the voices aren’t the only things that Senua has to deal with.

During the story, Senua runs into enemies that must be defeated carefully with perfectly timed dodges and attacks. If you do manage to end up getting severely hurt during battle, here’s how to heal back to full health. You have to avoid getting hit for as long as you can, if you do that, Senua will regain her strength and will be that much farther from death. There are no health packs or items to use to your advantage so you just have to be careful and not get hit too much. When battle’s end, you will also get your health back completely so you will be ready for your next encounter.

If you’re struggling with any puzzles or fights, make sure to check out our ever-growing wiki guide on the game to get some help defeating the big bosses and solving all of the gates.

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