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Hellblade: Secret Ending Explained, What Happened


Hellblade: Secret Ending Explained, What Happened


On top of the standard ending of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, the explanation of which you can see here, there is a secret ending that can only be seen if you collect all 44 Lorestones that are littered throughout the game’s world. If you find them all, an additional scene will play.

The secret ending scene, which takes place shortly before Senua finally confronts Hela in the deepest recesses of Helheim, sees Druth speaking to Senua for the final time. Throughout the game, he tells stories and legends based on Norse mythology, all of which help to flesh out the world that you explore in the game. Senua’s father is a very religious man who kept her locked in a room full of runes so it makes sense that during her tribulation, her psychosis would use those same runes and stories to guide her. Throughout Hellblade, Druth is an honorable man who is full of knowledge and wisdom. However, that changes after you have collected all the stories.

Just before the final fight, Druth appears one last time – as long as you have collected all the runes and they are lit up. He’ll explain how he is not actually the man you think he is, but rather a coward who couldn’t protect his own people. In fact, he was the person who led those who invaded his home directly to the treasures and villages. He had tried to barter for peace, but his intelligence and good will were met with violence and he was enslaved. To save himself, he betrayed those closest to him, but he still suffered a horrible fate. However, in the secret ending, he isn’t only intent on sharing the truth of himself, he has a lesson for Senua.

He witnessed someone else do just as he did, one that did not suffer the same consequences. That man willingly sold his own people to save himself and his village. The man is described as wearing all black and he came from Senua’s own village. Druth uses this as an opportunity to tell Senua that it is those closest to us that cause suffering, not the gods. That message opens up Senua’s eyes as she proceeds to the end of the game’s story.

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