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Hellblade: How to Open Surtr’s Third Gate (R and X Shapes)


Hellblade: How to Open Surtr’s Third Gate (R and X Shapes)

How to Open Surtr’s Third Gate in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

The rune gates of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice can be a bit tricky to figure out, requiring you to line up certain shapes and objects in the environment. This holds especially true for the third gate on the way to Surtr, which you’ll find in a small village kind of area. After making your way through a small ravine, you’ll see an open area with a scorched forest and building on the right. The rune gate is straight ahead and you’ll need to unlock it to gain access to another of Surtr’s pyres. Once you’ve activated a gate in Hellblade there is a bit of a trick to finding where the runes are in the environment. While wandering around, if you see a bunch of fiery runes pop up on your screen you’re right near a place that has a rune you can focus on.

The third gate presents you with an R and another X kind of shape to find. From the gate, turn around and you’ll see a large spike ball on the ground. Head there and look at the trees to your right. You’ll notice straight ahead of you two trees standing right next to each other, with an X right behind. Just line everything up correctly and then focus on the rune shape and you’ll have the first unlocked.

Now head into the building right behind you and go up the stairs inside. Follow the path until you go over the roof and come out on a small ledge. Don’t jump down just yet, though. Instead, turn to your right and look at the ground below. You’ll see a fiery trail forming the shape of an R, so just focus on it and you’ll have unlocked the second rune on the gate. Now just head back to the third gate and continue on your journey in Hellblade.

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