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Hellblade: How to Open Surtr’s Second Gate (N and Y Shapes)


Hellblade: How to Open Surtr’s Second Gate (N and Y Shapes)

How to Open Surtr’s Second Gate in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice

Most of the puzzles in Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice take the form of Rune Gates, which require you to seek out shapes in the environment in order to open the way forward. You’ll have to contend with many of these gates across your journey, including a few different ones when you make your way to battle Surtr. After battling enemies and making your way through the first gate, follow the path down and around to a wide open area with a new rune gate near the front. When you get close to the gate you’ll need to battle a few enemies first before you can activate it. Dispatch them and you’ll see the runes this time resemble N and Y shapes. For each time you need to solve a rune puzzle in Hellblade, you can always wander around the area and look for a hint. You’ll know you’re right near a solution when a bunch of fiery runes appear in your vision.

Turn around and head to the left and up the small hill. At the top, you’ll see two wooden posts, with a third jutting out the side of one. You need to line up the three posts just right so that they form the N you’re looking for. Once you’ve done that just focus (R2) on the objects and you’ll have unlocked that rune.

Next, you need to head down the hill and go straight, to where the corpses are hanging on the Y shaped posts. On the right side of that area you’ll notice one Y with a straight pole in front of it. Just stand in front of the pole, line things up, and focus on making the shape of the second rune. Once you’ve gotten it activated just head up to the gate and open it to continue on.

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