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GTA Online Update Includes New Adversary Mode With Double RP and GTA$ and HVY Nightshark

GTA Online Nightshark


GTA Online Update Includes New Adversary Mode With Double RP and GTA$ and HVY Nightshark

New update makes your Nightshark even sharkier.

GTA Online has received a new update that adds a new Adversary mode, and a new vehicle as well as another Premium Race. This isn’t a huge update, but the added content will be appreciated by GTA 5 players who eagerly soak up anything and everything about the game they can.

GTA Online: New Adversary mode – Overtime Shootout

The new Adversary mode is called Overtime Shootout. This new mode is a take on Overtime Rumble, with a small twist. In Overtime Rumble each player attempts to land their vehicle on a target. The difference in the new mode is that each player takes a turn instead of everyone trying to hit the target at once. To celebrate the new mode, Rockstar Games is paying out double the standard RP and GTA$ than usual.

GTA Online: New vehicle – HVT Nightshark

The new HVY Nightshark is a modified version of the already existent Nightshark vehicle. This new type adds two machine guns in the front, and more armor all around. This car is set to wreak havoc on the roadways of San Andreas and will be perfect for teams of players looking for a bit of action.

GTA Online: Discounts

Some existing vehicles and equipment are receiving discounts as well. The Mobile Operations Center is 25% off, as are the Vehicle Workshop and renovations for it. Weaponized vehicles can now be customized for 25% off the regular price too, and the MK 11 ammo and Dewbauchee Vagner have the same quarter off as well. Salaries for bodyguards and associates are also doubled. All the above lasts until August 14.

GTA Online: Premium Race and Time Trial

There’s a new Premium Race with this update called Mountain Drop. Bikes are the only vehicles you can choose in this race. There’s also a Time Trial available in Maze Bank Arena. These Premium Races will pay out triple RP and a significant amount of GTA$ for those who finish in the top three.


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