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God’s Trigger is a New Co-op Action Game from Dying Light Devs


God’s Trigger is a New Co-op Action Game from Dying Light Devs

A “bloodbath of apocalyptic proportions.”

Techland, the Polish developer and publisher of critically acclaimed games like Dying Light and Call of Juarez, has today announced a brand new co-op action IP called God’s Trigger, set to release sometime next year for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

A “bloodbath of apocalyptic proportions,” God’s Trigger revolves around the story of an angel and a demoness who together have to defeat the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse before everyone on the planet dies. From the brief description and trailer the developer provided, it doesn’t sound like the title will be taking itself too seriously.

The game looks like something akin to a fusion of Dead Nation with Borderlands, as an onslaught of zombies is mowed down in a cartoon-esque setting. Indeed, God’s Trigger even goes so far as to borrow the same top-down camera view from the former game.

Fans may be disappointed that a sequel to the aforementioned zombie survival game Dying Light wasn’t announced, as the like-to-dislike ratio of God’s Trigger’s reveal trailer is split in the middle as of the time of writing. It is a welcome surprise for the developer to try something new though, at least in my book. Here’s hoping that Techland has a good marketing campaign in store to convince non-believers. Keep in mind that today’s announcement doesn’t completely rule out the long-awaited Hellraid.

God’s Trigger has been confirmed for a digital-only release for now, though no pricing information has yet been made available.

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