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Get to Know Android 16 in Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Latest Trailer


Get to Know Android 16 in Dragon Ball FighterZ’s Latest Trailer

More than just a friend to the animals.

Out of all the characters you might want to play as in a Dragon Ball Z fighting game, Android 16 probably ranks pretty low on the list, but in Dragon Ball FighterZ, you’ll be doing just that, as Android 16, Android 18, and Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegets will be joining the roster. Android 16 will even have a pretty important role in the game, and not just because he’s got a way with animals and there plenty of woodland creatures around.

The hefty orange-haired android looks like a pretty formidable foe, actually, as Super Best Friends Play’s Woolie works with Bandai Namco to offer a breakdown of some of Android 16’s moves and combos. He’s a lot more sprightly than you might expect, and it looks like he can deliver a beatdown like no other. As with many larger fighters you might be trading speed for more powerful moves, but he should be more than capable of holding his own against most of the Dragon Ball Z fighters out there.

Hopefully we get a showcase of Android 18’s moves soon as well, as it looks like she brings Android 17 into the fight, and honestly he should have his own slot on the roster, but it looks like he’s not going to for the time being. Oh, well. Maybe in the future. Get it?


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