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10 Games that Would Be Perfect as an Anime Series


10 Games that Would Be Perfect as an Anime Series

Because sometimes just playing the game isn’t enough.

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Kingdom Hearts

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A Kingdom Hearts animated series was almost a real thing at one point. Back in 2002, Seth Kearsley was slated to be the director and writer for a Kingdom Hearts series but Disney ultimately decided not to move forward with the project. He shared his experience working on the project on DeviantArt and the comments section quickly filled up with fans eager to see the project actually come to life. Although it isn’t clear why Disney decided not to move forward with the series, there’s a chance that the media giant wasn’t sure if the series would be the massive success they wanted it to be. After all, lending their iconic properties to a new series like this could be a huge risk if things don’t come together just right. Giving Kingdom Hearts a sort of “trial run” in the Japanese market through an anime adaptation may be the best way to test the concept’s potential.

While the game is incredibly popular, adapting the project into an anime series is still a daunting task. Fans of the game will still want a series to be tied to the game but simply playing through the stories of the game could come across as a bit mundane to some. There is a serious balancing act between recreating the content from the game and introducing new elements that will still provide an element of surprise. Either way, with the right writing team behind the project, Kingdom Hearts could easily find success as an anime series.

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