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Fortnite: What a Storm Chest Is and Why You Should Care


Fortnite: What a Storm Chest Is and Why You Should Care

What a Storm Chest Is in Fortnite and Why You Should Care

Exploring the different zones in Fortnite will allow you to uncover tons of crafting materials, spare ammo, and a variety of different treasure chests. For the most part, the different types of treasure chests you find will only vary by rarity, which ultimately impacts just how beneficial your findings will be. There are two other types of treasure chests, however, that you should really pay attention to – Mimic Chests, and the more lucrative Storm Chest.

The first would be faux treasure chests called Mimics. These are actually powerful enemies disguised as rare treasure chests. The other type of chest is a less common purple treasure chest called a Storm Chest. Storm Chests are typically located on the outskirts of the zone you’re in and have particularly useful rewards waiting for you inside. If you have spent any time at all with Fortnite though you should already know that there’s a catch. If you want the best loot, you’ll have to work for it.

A Storm Chest will cause a wave of husks to appear in an attempt to stop you from getting the epic reward that’s waiting for you. Once the storm rolls in and starts zapping up a wave of husks, you’ll be given one minute to kill 25 monsters. Accomplish this and you’ll receive a chest full of goodies. If you manage to kill 50, however, you’ll get even better loot. If you really want to step it up a notch, take out 50 husks and two mist monsters and the game will reward you with even more rare findings for your troubles.

And that’s why you should check out every Storm Chest you spot in Fortnite. For more on Fortnite, be sure to check out our ever-expanding wiki.


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