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Fortnite: Is There Splitscreen Multiplayer?


Fortnite: Is There Splitscreen Multiplayer?

Is There Splitscreen Multiplayer in Fortnite?

Fornite has a variety of online features that have been promoted to gamers but some players are wondering if they can make their zombie-killing sprees a local co-op affair. While online matchmaking and teaming up with friends online is a ton of fun in Fortnite, you can’t help but also wonder what it would be like to sit on the couch next to your buddy and take on the zombie apocalypse.

Unfortunately, Fortnite does not currently give you any splitscreen multiplayer options. So that means you’ll have to keep your desire to play Fortnite with friends solely in the online realm. Keep in mind, however, that Fortnite is still in early access. There have been plenty of players taking to official forums and social platforms to request some sort of splitscreen multiplayer option in the future. Fortnite will not actually have its official release until 2018 when it will leave paid early access and become a free-to-play title. The version of the game scheduled to release next year will likely be a more polished product that also builds on the feedback Epic Games is receiving at this time—or, at least, we hope it will be.

It’s also important to note that there would have be some sort of rework to accommodate splitscreen multiplayer because Fortnite is definitely a game that utilizes every inch of screen real estate you have available. Cutting that real estate in half could be a bit tricky and result in too much clutter on each half of the screen. If Epic Games does decide to roll out splitscreen multiplayer for the free-to-play version next year perhaps they will have to add a different mode specifically for players who are just looking for a fun couch co-op experience.

If you want to find out how to play with friends on different platforms, add players to your party, or turn off matchmaking to go it alone just head over to our Fortnite wiki!

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