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Final Fantasy XV Comrades: What’s Available in the Beta


Final Fantasy XV Comrades: What’s Available in the Beta

What’s Available in the Final Fantasy XV Comrades Beta

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades is the upcoming multiplayer expansion to the game, and right now the beta is available to anyone that’s purchased the Season Pass for the game and pays for the online service on PS4 or Xbox One. While the beta is very much just a test, there are a few different things you’ll have access to.

First off, when you start the beta you’ll get to create your very own avatar choosing things like gender, skin tone, hair style, and more. The options are a little limited at the moment, but there’s still room for variation in characters. Once the full release comes along you can expect more customization options. Once you’ve started the beta you can run around Old Lestallum, with the option of reading bits of information that provide a tiny bit more context on Final Fantasy XV.

There are three missions to undertake in the beta with other players titled Hunting the Garulessa, Road to Old Lestallum, and Naga Extermination. The first has you hunting down a pack of Garula, the second escorting a truck back to Old Lestallum, and the third taking on one of the fearsome Naga. Unfortunately, those are the only missions available in Final Fantasy XV: Comrades at the moment, and there’s no word on if Square Enix will be patching in more before the beta ends on Aug. 8.

More on Final Fantasy XV: Comrades

Final Fantasy XV: Comrades finally lets players test out the long talked about multiplayer mode for the game. It’s running from Aug. 3-8, although there isn’t a specific time Square Enix has given for when the beta ends. At the moment we don’t have a firm release date for the full version of Comrades.

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