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Final Fantasy XV Comrades: How to Customize Your Avatar


Final Fantasy XV Comrades: How to Customize Your Avatar

How to Customize Your Avatar in Final Fantasy XV Comrades

When booting up Final Fantasy XV Comrades, you’ll be tasked with creating an avatar to play as. There are a ton of options ranging from physical features to clothing, and while in a rush to actually play you may just bypass all of that. After playing a bit, though, you’ll most likely want to go customize your avatar in order to put your own personal touch. Thankfully there’s an easy way to do that.

When waiting in the lobby area of Final Fantasy XV Comrades, you’ll notice an old motel with a man standing in a window. Go talk to him by pressing X on PS4 or A on Xbox One. A menu called Character Select will pop up. One of the options is actually called “Edit.” Choosing this will take you to the avatar creation screen for the character you currently have equipped, allowing you to fully customize its appearance. You can change the name of your character and every single detail on them just like you could when you first created them. The only thing you can’t change is their gender, though you can create an entirely new character if you so choose.

That’s all there is to it. So if you don’t like your look, you can quickly customize your avatar between missions in Final Fantasy XV Comrades.

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