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Final Fantasy XV Comrades Beta: How to Play Solo


Final Fantasy XV Comrades Beta: How to Play Solo

How to Play Solo in the Final Fantasy XV Comrades Beta

Right now Square Enix is having a closed beta for Comrades, the upcoming multiplayer expansion for Final Fantasy XV. You can jump in, build your own member of the Kingsglaive, and join other players as you take on a few hunts that are available for this technical test. Of course, there are those of you who are seasoned hunters in the world of Final Fantasy XV, and you’d probably like to go solo. Unfortunately, that isn’t an option, not in the beta at least.

When you go to start a quest in the Final Fantasy XV Comrades Beta, a quick menu pops up for you to select your camp. You can go for quick play which teams you up with random people, or custom which allows you to create your own camp or join one made by a friend. There’s a third option, however, that is most likely being held for the full release and it’s called “Solo.” That means that Square Enix will indeed let brave players go it alone in Final Fantasy XV Comrades, just not right now. This beta exists to test how it all works out, and the real test comes when you throw players in together.

At least we know that we’ll be able to go solo if we really want to when Comrades does eventually roll out, but for now, we’ll have our fun taking down monsters with friends.

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