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FIFA 18 Will Run at 1080p/60fps on a Docked Nintendo Switch

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FIFA 18 Will Run at 1080p/60fps on a Docked Nintendo Switch

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FIFA 18 is set to be released later this year, just in time for soccer season, and footie fans across the globe can’t wait to meet up with their pals and have a virtual kick about. When FIFA 18 was first announced, it was revealed that it would be getting a release on Nintendo’s newly released Switch console.

The Switch version will differ slightly to the console/PC version in order to take full advantage of the Switch’s tech but the two versions will still be very similar. Whilst the Switch may not quite have the power of the PS4, Xbox One, and PC, fans will be pleased to learn that they can still expect a quality soccer game that runs at 1080p/60fps when the Switch is docked.

In portable mode, the game will still run at 60fps but will have a resolution of 720p. It looks like we can all expect silky smooth action as we play the great game. The news was announced during an interview between the game’s supervising producer and NintendoEverything at Gamescom. He said: “We spent a lot of time actually understanding what the console is. In dock, what we’re seeing right now, for example, is 1080p run running at 60 frames per second”, confirming a 1080p resolution in docked mode. “When you plug out and you play in handheld it’s 720p”, he added.

It looks like soccer fans on the Nintendo can expect a game every bit as good as its sibling on the other systems. FIFA 18 is set to be released on the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo Switch on September 29.

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