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Everybody’s Golf: How to Save


Everybody’s Golf: How to Save


Everybody’s Golf, the casual style golf game that used to be called Hot Shots in the US, is out now and you’ll want to keep the progress you make and the improvements you make to your character’s skills as you play.

Thankfully, Everybody’s Golf saves at regular intervals so that you do not lose any progress. The game saving is shown by a ‘Saving Progress’ banner in the bottom left corner of the screen. It will save whenever you do something in the Home Area, such as changing appearance or speaking to one of the locals, and the game will save after every round of golf. It will not save during a round, which means, if you quit, you will lose any progress in that tournament or VS match. However, the game is quick enough that nine holes should take around 15 minutes, so you shouldn’t have to set too much time aside to finish a round.

There is no way of manually saving Everybody’s Golf, but it is easy to perform an action in the game that will prompt it to autosave. Simply press the Options button to access the menu and alter something in the settings or something to do with your character’s appearance and the game will save. You shouldn’t have to worry about losing progress unless you quit in the middle of a round of golf.

That is how you save your progress in Everybody’s Golf. For more on the game, be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite.

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