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Everybody’s Golf: How to Unlock More Outfits and Clothes


Everybody’s Golf: How to Unlock More Outfits and Clothes


As has been the case in most Everybody’s Golf and Hot Shots Golf games, customizing your character to make him/her look just as you’d like is a significant part of the new game.

When you first start the game up, you are prompted to create your character, choosing head and body shape/size, hair style, and clothing. Then, you can unlock more outfits and pieces of clothing as you play through the game.

The best way to get new outfits is to defeat the VS characters that challenge you throughout Everybody’s Golf. When you beat each one you are awarded their whole outfit to wear, or you can use elements of it in your own outfit.

You will also be awarded single items as you level up and complete tournaments. They are awarded alongside the XP and coins and can be seen in your own collection. You can also sometimes find pieces of clothing lying around online open courses or the Home Area.

Finally, you can also purchase pieces of clothing from the shop. This can be found in the building behind the tournament stand in Home Area. Alternatively, you can access the shop from the menu screen by pressing the Options button at any time. The items here cost between 200 and 500 coins and can be purchased using the coins awarded for completing rounds of golf.

That is how you unlock more outfits and items of clothing in Everybody’s Golf. For more on the game, be sure to stick with us at Twinfinite.

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