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Every Major Battle in Game of Thrones Ranked (Spoilers)


Every Major Battle in Game of Thrones Ranked (Spoilers)

Winter is Coming.

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Bronn vs. Ser Vardis Egen

Every Major Game of Thrones Battle, Ranked
Game of Thrones

Bronn’s one-on-one fight with Ser Vardis Egen was one of the earlier fights in the first season of Game of Thrones and was the perfect way to introduce the cutthroat sellsword Bronn to viewers. Bronn wasn’t a knight, he was loyal to no house, and he didn’t come from a great family. He’s a rough and ready fighter who sees a chance to rise high in Westeros by representing Tyrion Lannister in a trial by combat.

Not only is this fight tense, but it also serves to show so much about Bronn’s character. Bronn is a survivor and, once he defeats his enemy, one of the onlookers cries “You don’t fight with honor!” to which Bronn sums himself up by pointing to his defeated enemy and saying: “No, but he did.” Smaller fights like these may not be as visually stunning to watch as later fights, but they are great at developing characters and testing their mettle for what’s to come.

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