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Dream Daddy: How to Get Hugo’s S Rank Ending


Dream Daddy: How to Get Hugo’s S Rank Ending

How to Get Hugo’s S Rank Ending in Dream Daddy

We have all fantasized about the hot teacher at one point or another and Hugo allows you to relive those dreams all over again in Dream Daddy. Mr. Vega, or Hugo as he prefers, is suave and smooth but stern and strong. He’s the type of guy you would imagine answering the door in an open bathrobe and a rose in his mouth and wouldn’t care who was around to see. Well, except for the kids from his school and who can blame him. That would be terribly awkward. Either way, Hugo reaches out to you in Dream Daddy when he feels like your daughter Amanda is struggling in school, but you’ll probably be struggling to pay attention to the school chatter once you see Hugo is a handsome, smart man and a sharp dresser.

He’s also a man with his owns secrets and serves as a reminder that school teachers do have lives outside of the classroom. In this case, however, Hugo’s interests are just as entertaining as they are surprising. He’s a well-rounded man with a lot more to him than meets the eye so here’s what you’ll have to do to get his S Rank ending.

Choices on the first date:

  • Blue nosed wigglyfish
  • Political fish trivia
  • Absolutely not
  • We can learn a great deal from mother ocean
  • We don’t have time for games here
  • All of these choices work just fine
  • I bribed a child
  • There is nothing on earth more satisfying than a good cheese board

Choices on the second date:

  • We’ll see what we can do to not hurt your feelings too bad
  • You can make any choice here
  • Endor
  • Edgar Rice Burroughs
  • The Count of Monte Cristo
  • Their Mother
  • Hulk Hogan
  • Poltergeist
  • Dogs
  • Zyzzyva
  • Otter
  • Ask again
  • Ask again
  • This is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen

Choices on the third date:

  • What…did I just watch?
  • I’m glad I’m here with you
  • This is a sneaking mission
  • Quick, get inside of my shirt
  • Give the crowd what they want
  • Any choice here will work
  • Go for it

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