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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Beta: How to Change Targets


Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Beta: How to Change Targets

How to Change Targets in the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Beta

The action-packed battles of the Dissidia series finally return with Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, which is currently going through a closed beta. Unlike previous games in the series, the focus in NT comes in the form of fast-paced 3vs3 battles. This means things can get a lot more hectic as you’re going up against multiple enemies at one time.

Each match starts out with you locked on to one of your enemies, and your allies locked onto one of the other two. You’ll definitely want to be switching your lock on targets frequently, however, to gang up on an enemy or swoop in to save an ally under attack. Swapping targets is easy luckily, as it’s just assigned to the L2 and R2 buttons. Simply tap the L2 button and you’ll swap your lock on to the enemy on the left, and the right works the opposite way.

It can get hard to keep tabs on the entire battle, but make sure to swap between targets just to keep your head in the game. For more tips and tricks on the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT closed beta, make sure to stick with Twinfinite.

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