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Destiny 2 PC Beta: Can You Make a Clan


Destiny 2 PC Beta: Can You Make a Clan

Can You Make a Clan in the Destiny 2 PC Beta?

The clan feature in the first Destiny game, called Groups instead, felt pretty useless for the most part. While you did get a cool icon to say “hey… I’m friends with these guys,” these groups really didn’t serve a significant purpose. This time around, however, Bungie promises that things will be different. Destiny 2 is supposed to offer some major improvements to the clan system to make the feature more meaningful. Those reworks are likely one of the many features that Destiny 2 players will want to test out during the PC beta once it finally becomes available for all PC players on August 29. Unfortunately, you’re going to have to wait until September 6 to see what Bungie did to the clan system.

Turns out you won’t be able to make clans in the Destiny 2 PC Beta. This isn’t too surprising, however, since many online features will be limited during the PC beta and it would seem a bit unfair if certain clans started filling up before the game was available to everyone. For those who already had an established Group in Destiny, you do have the option of transitioning that Group over to Destiny as a clan. You just won’t have the opportunity to play with the feature or the interface during the Destiny 2 PC beta.

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