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Make Destiny’s Nightfall Strike Terrifying Again: Why Locked Loadouts is Genius

Destiny 2


Make Destiny’s Nightfall Strike Terrifying Again: Why Locked Loadouts is Genius

No more cupcake Nightfalls.

Recently, Bungie revealed in an interview with PCGamesN, that Nightfall strikes would be a locked loadout activity. Meaning, you can not change your equipment or your skills once you begin. Players will have to figure out what loadout will give them the best chance of survival based on the modifiers prior to starting the activity. This news has left the community split. As the title probably suggests, I’m with Bungie on this one.

We’re in the twilight of the original Destiny’s lifespan, and over time the Nightfall has become a joke. The Power Creep over the years has sucked the Nightfall of its initial terror. This compounded with the decisions to remove the boot to orbit on a wipe, essentially made the Nightfall a once per week glorified Heroic Strike with a guaranteed special drop.

It wasn’t always that way. Nightfalls used to be right up with raids as the premiere hardcore content in the game. Depending on the modifiers, it wasn’t accessible to everyone and in the first year, difficult strike/modifier combos really required top tier skill and gear to take down. It was probably a step below a heroic raid, but it was up there alright, and before it was removed, the threat of having to start completely over on a wipe was utterly terrifying.

When sh!t would hit the fan, epic Strike saving moments were born out of the old Nightfalls whether it was Metal Gear Solid revives from an incognito Bladedancer, a Defender sprinting across the map to lay down a bubble, or of course a Sunsinger cancelling the countdown with a self-revive.

While those days might be behind us forever, at least with Destiny 2, Bungie is taking steps to make the Nightfall something worth being nervous about again. Nightfalls are going to be timed. So while you’re not going to get the boot if you wipe anymore probably, you can’t hide behind a door/rock slinging tickle shots away from danger for an hour either.

Also, there’s the aforementioned change to the loadouts too. By the end of Years 2 and 3, Destiny players had so many weapons and gear that they were literally prepared for any situation that could possibly come their way. In Destiny 2, at least with the Nightfall, you’re going to have to get it right at the start, and work your way through it. Sure maybe that powerful Exotic rocket launcher will be helpful for the boss, but are you comfortable with that being your choice the whole way through? What about your armor? You’ll need to carefully consider the pros and cons of everything you pick even down to stuff like your grenades.

The instinct to switch will be there, but you won’t be able to, and while it may not be as epic as a Sunsinger saving the Nightfall from literally out of nowhere, it should lead to some pretty tense and scary situations again. A feeling that was sorely missed after Year 1.

Don’t fret, raids will be unchanged, but get ready for a challenge again guardians. No more cupcake Nightfalls in candy land, at least not in Destiny 2.

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