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10 DC Characters That Deserve Their Own Major Blockbuster Movie


10 DC Characters That Deserve Their Own Major Blockbuster Movie

These heroes shouldn’t be flying under the radar

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Jason Todd (Red Hood)

Batman and Robin is an iconic duo but DC fans know Robin is a far more complicated character than a mere sidekick. There are several different crime fighters who stepped into the position of being Robin but some of these sidekicks grew to become very layered characters in the DC Universe. Dick Grayson, who later became Nightwing, will be the star of his own upcoming film but Jason Todd hasn’t yet received the major big screen makeover treatment. Our fingers are crossed that he will see a solo theater debut soon. Jason Todd once filled in the role of Robin but he was presumed dead after a run in with the Joker. Eventually he reemerged as Red Hood but kept the same violent and compulsive tendencies that put his relationship with Batman in trouble in the first place. Red Hood is violent and relentless when it comes to criminals, which was behavior Batman didn’t want to tolerate. With Nightwing coming to the big screen soon, it could be the perfect time for Jason Todd’s story to be told as well.

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