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CS:GO Tec-9 Gets a Nerf as Valve Begins Pistol Changes

CS:GO Tec-9


CS:GO Tec-9 Gets a Nerf as Valve Begins Pistol Changes

Cuz I pack a TEC-9 plus an AK-47. Send a one way ticket to hell or maybe heaven.

Valve has announced that CS:GO will be getting a host of stat changes to the game’s pistols, and the first of those is now in beta. The Tec-9 will be getting a nerf, which is part of an initiative to “emphasize the skillful use of weapons,” whatever that means.

The Tec-9 is part of the Terrorist’s lineup of weapons, and is probably the most used pistol for players on that team. The gun is cheap, automatic, and deals okay damage, which gives that side a slight edge when compared to the counter-operatives’ small arms.

These changes won’t harm the Tec-9’s utility in CS:GO too horribly, but they’re not great news for fans of the gun. The first shot with the auto-pistol will now be slightly more accurate, but accuracy as a whole will degrade the longer you fire. Your ammo reserve won’t be the same either. The Tec-9 magazine will only hold 18 rounds as opposed to 24, and your reserve will drop to 90 from 120.

Valve states the changes will encourage players to aim more instead of using spray-and-pray tactics. We don’t know yet what pistol will be getting a stat change yet, but you can keep your eye on the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive blog for more details as they come.


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