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CoD WW2 Beta: How to Unlock More Weapons


CoD WW2 Beta: How to Unlock More Weapons


As in the previous Call of Duty games, tokens are used to unlock weapons, equipment, perks, scorestreaks and more. In the CoD WW2 beta, tokens are accumulated by simply playing games and aren’t actually linked to leveling up. Each weapon and/or perk require a single token to unlock.

It should be noted that you won’t always be able to access certain weapons straight away. This is because some weapons are locked until you have reached a certain level. You’ll need to keep playing and leveling up, accumulating tokens as you go, to access these weapons.

As we’ve already detailed, the maximum level cap in the CoD WW2 beta is 40 (there will be a prestige system in the full game that you can use to reset your level). Since the arsenal in the beta is limited to a fairly small amount of weapons, you should be able to sample all the different weapons that are on offer.

That is all you need to know about how to unlock more weapons in the CoD WW2 beta. For more information, tips, and guides for the game, be sure to check back in with Twinfinite.

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